This is a photograph of me doing a hand stand, it was a very random photograph that was taken. Its a very fascinating and fun photograph. The different colours go well together with the light background. I really like the shadow behind my left arm, it adds more affect to the photograph.
This is also another photograph from a project called Social Documentary. One thing i really like about this photograph is the different colours within the photograph, it makes it stand out. My aim with this photograph was to show the different products shops sell. 
This was one of many photographs taken for a project called Social Documentary. This is one of my favourite photos out of all of them as theres shallow depth of field. The hands are in focus and everything behind is out of focus which in photographic terms is called ‘Shallow depth of field’. I also really like the chipped nail varnish, it makes the photograph look very interesting. I used a SLR digital camera to take this photograph. 
This is a photograph that was taken for a project called studio portraiture. i was focusing on my models personality who is very rock and roll. I used an SLR digital camera to take this photograph. I changed this photograph into monochrome (black and white) because i think that it looked more effective and the photograph stands out more. I also played around in photoshop with the different effects. I really like this photograph because she’s very concentrated, its also very intense with the dark colours in her clothes, also in her eye make up. 

This photograph was taken during the jubilee. It was taken for my jubilee project. I also think that this photograph relates to street photography as the roads are empty as the jubilee was happening at the time. i changed this photograph from colour to monochrome as i think that it looks more effective in monochrome (black and white). This was taken with natural light which is more effective because the light is very strong in this photograph. 

This photograph was taken in Hyde Park during the Jubilee. I zoomed into this photograph  because i really wanted to capture the woman under her British umbrella and holding her british flag. There is also shallow depth of field in this photograph, the bus in the photograph is out of depth meaning it is out of focus. This gives the photograph a bolder and more interesting effect. 
This photograph was a project called ‘Social Documentary’. I was concentrating on independent stores. This photograph was taken in a corner shop in Epsom High Street. I took a photograph of chupa chups lollipops. I think that this was one of my best photographs within the project; the reason being is there is shallow depth of field in this photograph which means the lollipops are in focus in the foreground and everything in the background is out of focus. I think this is very effective and gives the photograph a bit of edge. I also like how all the colours compliment each other. The lighting is mainly focused on the lollipops, which brings out the different colours of each lollipop. The reason i photographed this was because lollipops are sold in all corner shops and i wanted to capture this. I also wanted to capture the different colours which always draw me in.

This is a photograph that i took from a project ‘Studio Portraiture’. I think that the lighting in this photograph is mainly focused on her face, the dark eye make-up also brings out her eyes. In order to do this, i had to make sure the lighting was correct to capture the most important aspects of my model. Although she has various accessories, your still drawn back to her face. Her left hand is captured with very textual soft tones which was not planned. This shows how strong lighting can be. She’s a very rock and roll and out there character with the dark make-up, bright hair which is what i was trying to photograph. I changed this photograph to monochrome (black and white). I chose to do this because i thought that my models features really came out through monochrome. It also looks more professional in monochrome. I think that this is one of my strongest photographs because its a very model like photograph, theres also a lot to this photograph.